Wednesday, July 22, 2009

a good week

First, I kind of won something...I follow a blog called The Brightside Project where they give away awesome free stuff everyday (check it out)...and a company they had a giveaway with decided to give away 500 bottles of perfume for free...all you had to do was pay the shipping. So I was one of the first 500 people!!!! And here is my adorable perfume...smells like suntan lotion and flowers!

I also got my Woderbar soap in the mail....and so far I am loving it. The kind ladies at Wonderbar sent me extra samples as a thank you for being in the military...awwww, we appreciate the appreciation :)

Our strawberry plant finally produced something...Paige and I enjoyed one mini berry each! She is so proud she helped to grow something!

River is the new neighborhood watch...he just posts up here and watches the world go by...

His new silly face

Paige learned about transportation at school, and her teacher made a little cardboard car for them to play, naturally she wanted to make one when she got home only hers is a VAN....go figure!

Oh...and Justin had to wear his "blues" to work on Monday! He hates them, but I certainly don't mind!


  1. i love all the pics!..YEa they started doing that for Teddy too, that every Monday they were their "blues" now..go figure! congrats on your triatholon you did so good!! what a great accomplishment!

  2. I want to know about the soap, have you used it yet?


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