Sunday, January 11, 2009

Casey Barbara Allphin

My oldest and most adored cousin Quinn and his amazingly wonderful wife Danielle welcomed their first child into the world last Saturday morning. She is Casey Barbara, and she is perfect! I am so excited Quinn has finally joined us in the miracle that is are forever changed! Casey has a particularly special middle name, after our Grandmother Barbara...who we all love and miss dearly. I bet Grandma is so proud Casey will be carrying around her name...
what a sweet tribute. We are so excited to meet her, and introduce her to her crazy "cousins" Paige and River!
Love you guys!!!

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  1. ok, i may be totally off, but your cousin looks like your grandpa to me, like you can tell they were related, i remember him being in Riverbank ward (your grandpa), is that way off? maybe i'm lame-o, so happy for them, how fun! how are you doing with your two babies??


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