Thursday, December 4, 2008

What happens when my husband is gone...

Well, to fill the days alone, I get out my sewing machine. We needed stockings, so I made some very un-christmas-like ones...but I like them! Our tree will go in the window once we get it. We have been waiting until Justin returns from Georgia....but it is hard to wait! Our dining table has become sewing central, as I just finished a baby quilt for my oldest friend Lindsay. In the process of sharing my labor of love, two people are going to have me make quilts for them! Yeah! So I will be busy during the cold days of January, which is a very, very good thing. pdbumbum will be back in action! Justin leaves again then for a few weeks to Las Vegas...wish I could tag along with some of my girlfriends and sister!


  1. So funny my dinning table looks like that right now too. Plus I make hairbows and that is all over the dinning table too. I don't feel so bad now. Love the stockings!

  2. I like the stockings! Super cute!! My husband is gone in Vegas for two weeks right now!! I know how ya feel!

  3. You are so talented!! I love them all...especially that pretty!


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