Friday, September 5, 2008

Survival School on MOJO

As some of you know, a camera crew had been following Justin through the first few months of his training up here, and they have created a documentary series out of it called Survival School. It is going to be airing on the MOJO channel beginning Sept. 9th, but you can watch the first episode online now at
Justin isn't actually featured in this episode...except for talking about his run-in with a bear...but there will be 10 episodes in total, and I am sure he will have his fair share of camera time!


  1. I don't know if its the same kind of Survival Training, but Teddy had to go to Washington for a couple weeks when he first started, and it was like P.O.W. survival or something, they beat him up and he had to eat off the land and such, i remember his bruises when he came home, crazy!!

  2. It was great filming Justin thru the SERE course. Although there's things we were not allowed to film, I saw him go thru a lot, and alway remain strog and positive...I also heard him speak glowing about his family.

    Glad I had the chance to hang w/ Justin and all the SERE guys, and I hope you enjoy the series.

    Jimmy Felter

  3. hey hope all is going well, you may be pushing out a baby right now, wishing you guys positive thoughts!!

  4. Hi! i changed my blog address, its now, thx!!


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