Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cat Tales

We went to a place called Cat Tales the other day, and it is a sanctuary for tigers, lions, bears, etc. Paige loved it, and even though most of the animals were sleeping, we still had a lot of fun being so close to them...

The river finally is out of flood stage, but only by an inch I think...but here are some pictures from the other day when we went downtown to check out the mess. They had actually closed down one of the pedestrian bridges going over the river for safety reasons...nuts??


  1. Lions, Tigers and Bears oh fun, that looks like a cool place. I know the water is scary but those pics actually are beautiful that area is gorgeous! Hope it doesn't get an higher!

  2. I didn't know you had a personal blog. Let's be blog buddies!!! PS You guys are too cute!

  3. So good to get back in touch. My how things change, right? Your little family is so darlng! Paige is a sweetie pie! We will have to keep in touch now! Congrats on a little boy! They are sooo much fun!

  4. Paige is getting so big. she is darling. Congratulation on the baby boy. That is so exciting. Hope you are doing well! Kara


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